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Cambium Canopy and Turf

Trees and shrubs are living organisms just like you and me. Sometimes they can get sick and have issues that need to be addressed to restore the plant back to a healthy state. We can provide treatment options that are affordable and effective so that you can protect your only living investment.

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CSRA, Georgia & South Carolina

Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

What We Offer:

Our arborists are committed to providing quality customer service & plant care maintenance for the CSRA. 

Cambium Canopy Care +

This service is available with or without Turf Care. Programs can be adjusted to fit just about any budget or landscape.

Routine Service

We understand the security and peace of mind that comes with a regular routine checkup and service throughout the growing season. This helps maintain your property and the health of your trees and shrubs to ensure there are no surprises. This allows us to keep a close eye on your plants and help catch problems early before they become life threatening to the plant.

Meet Justin Lee and his Family Operation

We are committed to providing quality customer service & plant health care to our clients while giving back to our local community.  We are founded on experience, dating back to 2007 and give all glory to God for allowing us to have this amazing opportunity; to help preserve and care for His creation.

Our Services

Disease and Insect Management

Our ground up approach allows us to diagnose the insect or disease properly and recommend effective remedial treatments for a single plant or entire landscape.

Root Care and Soil Conditioning

Cambium Canopy offers full root care and soil conditioning services to help remedy many of the issues we face in the landscape.

Nutrient Management

We believe that nutrient management and soil health is one of the single most important factors that determines the health of a tree or shrub. We encourage an annual fertilization plan to ensure nutrients are available year after year.

Turf Care

Our lawn care programs to help you achieve your goals for your outdoor living space.

Soil Preparation

About to plant a garden? Our soil preparation services ensure you are setup for success when it comes to planting your new tree, shrub, or flowers.

Ornamental Pruning and Cultural Care

We offer specialty pruning for your most valuable plants. Cambium’s craftsmen take their arboricultural knowledge and apply it to real world situations to achieve the desired product or outcome.