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3 Shrub Care Do’s and Don’ts

All plants, especially shrubsneed to be cared for at some point to maintain the desired shape or height, renovate an overgrown plant, or cure it from disease.  Whether they are along the foundation of your home or hiding you from your neighbors, shrub care is something that shouldn’t be neglected. And, often, requires the aid of a professional such as an arborist to achieve your goals. Cambium Canopy and Turf’s boutique style approach allows us to specialize in crafting customized shrub care in Aiken programs that are designed to exceed your expectations.

Here are 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Shrub Care in Aiken:

1. Nutrient Management:

This term can seem overwhelming but with expert advice from Cambium Canopy and Turf, together we can dissect the needs of your soil.

DO: Before any shrub fertilization takes place, you must begin with a soil analysis. Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. The same applies to your shrub care. At Cambium Canopy and Turf our Arborists are equipped to sample your soil on site with results in 7-10 days.

Don’t: Do not rely on box store fertilizers to help you achieve your goals. As with your body, sometimes over the counter medication just doesn’t do the trick. A prescription is needed to really make a difference. Do not fall victim to box store Band-Aids that just cover up instead of curing the root of the issue.

2. Insect and Disease Management:

What is worse than creepy crawly insects and nasty fungus on your plants? Not calling Cambium Canopy and Turf to diagnose and deliver treatment options for optimal shrub care?

Do: Keep a close eye for abnormalities in your plants. Discolored leaves, thinning, and leaf drop are all symptoms of a larger issue. Often times the cause is from insects or disease. Both insects and disease need to be treated by a professional that has the proper license and knowledge of products to use and EPA guidelines and regulations around those products. Cambium Canopy and Turf has licensed applicators, educated arborists, and a passion for shrub care.

Don’t: Do not rely on Google or box stores to fix your problems. Yes, the internet is very useful in determining the course of action you need to take. Yes, the box stores have a variety of products that claim they will treat every problem your landscape could possibly have. But the fact is every treatment must be applied correctly, at the labeled rate, and for the correct insect or disease. NyQuil will not cure a sinus infection and the “broad spectrum” products will not cure your insect or disease issues. 

3. Pruning

How much do I cut? Where do I cut? When should I cut? Can you even cut this? These are shrub care questions we get all the time but pruning does not have to be that hard.

DO: Just go with it. That may seem too simple for such a complex subject but often times doing something is better than doing nothing. Do not be afraid to cut shrubs back, thin shrubs out, or elevate lower branches to get the desired look. No one likes not being able to see out of their kitchen window because the shrubs have gotten out of control. This doesn’t go without saying that there are guidelines to follow in the pruning process such as time of year, percentage removed, and species-specific preferences. The arborists at Cambium Canopy and Turf will take all aspects into consideration and draft an action plan to achieve your goals while staying within ASNI 300 guidelines.

Don’t: Limit shearing! Do not assume or expect that every landscaper will know how to properly prune your shrubs. The “yard guy” can often do wonders in the form of mowing, weeding, and sprucing up the place but often times shrub care gets limited to a set of hedge shears and a rake. Shearing is not a natural process for a plant and can have long term effects. Thinning and becoming “leggy” are some of the most common results of too much shearing. Hand pruning and the use of plant growth regulators can help you limit the amount of times you have to shear your plants and will save you time and money! Cambium Canopy and Turf’s hand-crafted shrub care in Aiken pruning programs can help you become the envy of the neighborhood!

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