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5 Things to Look for in an Arborist – It’s About More Than Googling “Arborist Near me”

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Although landscaping seems pretty straight-forward, it not only takes a special eye, but it requires a whole lot of knowledge to keep your great outdoors looking great. When it comes to trees and shrubs, the key to keeping them alive, healthy, and protecting your investment is knowing how to maintain them properly. And, unfortunately, that takes a lot more than just trimming every once in a while. If you’ve never had your trees checked to ensure they are growing properly, disease-free, and as healthy as can be, you could be putting yourself at risk for a huge expense. Or, if you spot signs of trouble, it is imperative to find an arborist to investigate. But how do you know which one to choose? These are the five things to look for when googling an “arborist near me”.

Qualifications and Experience are Key!

When looking for an arborist to care for your landscaping, you must make sure they have the right qualifications. And also, that they have the experience to handle your specific situation. Asking questions like how many years they have been in the industry, where they got their training from, and certifications, are all essential! Ensuring that someone knows what they are doing by having the training necessary is your right. So find a specialist to care for your investment. When you hire the right arborist, you should see an immediate improvement. But to ensure that the long-term results from pruning and trimming are realized, you have to find someone who knows the industry.

Are They Fully Licensed and Insured?

Before you hire an arborist to care for your trees and shrubs, make sure that they are fully licensed and insured. Inquiring is only half the step, to protect yourself, ask for documentation. Tree work requires inherent risks, so you want to ensure not only that they are protected if something should happen, but also that you, as a homeowner, are too. Also check for things like an ISA, which is mandated for an arborist. It ensures that they have the latest training in tree care. A certified arborist should have a current International Society of Arboriculture ISA certification. That certification will indicate that they fully understand industry-specific techniques and safety measures.

Reputation is a Must

Word of mouth is the best tool that people have to find the most professional arborists in the field. Before choosing an arborist for your needs, read online reviews to see what their reputation is in the community. People who have had a good experience will be more than happy to write about it. And, in the same instance, those who have had a not so good experience are usually happy to share Reviews, therefore, should help you both find the best arborist in your area. And also, perhaps, weed through those that might not be.

Don’t go With the Cheapest Estimate

Although it might be alluring to go by price alone and choose the cheapest arborist, unfortunately, you will most likely get what you pay for. There is a whole lot that goes into the care of trees, and someone who is offering to do it for a steal will probably be cutting corners and not performing the service correctly. Price, for most people, is going to be an issue, but consider all factors before hiring. And remember there is a reason why the cheapest estimate is so much cheaper; you don’t want to find out what that is the hard way.

Know What the Clean-Up Price Includes

Before hiring an arborist, make sure you know what clean-up is included in the price before you just assume that the estimate you receive has it built-in. Some companies will include clean up procedures in their estimates, others will not. If you have a lot of debris left that is going to be an additional cost, that could be something you’d be unhappy with. A good arborist will go over what is covered in the estimate.

The clean up can often drive the price higher because it takes a significant amount of time and the right equipment to handle. Not only can cleaning up be a hassle; it can require a whole lot more than you think. It is best to find an arborist that handles the whole project from start to finish.

Your landscaping is a huge investment and one that you should take the time to properly maintain. If you haven’t ever had a professional arborist evaluate your trees, now is the time. Or, if it has been a while, don’t put it off another season. But simply google “arborist near me,” is not enough. Take the time to do some research before choosing one for your needs. The professionals of Cambium Canopy and Turf are here to help ensure the safety and health of your trees. We have the industry knowledge and experience to handle your tree issue with professionalism and expertise. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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