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Southern Trees – Caring for the Leyland Cypress

You simply can’t go into a Southern neighborhood these days without walking slap into a Leyland Cypress, or at least being confronted by one. These popular evergreens commonly line drives and yards throughout the Augusta area to act as hedges and provide an element of...

Root Care: The Heart of Your Plant

During the month of December, typically the only tree we are thinking about is the one in the living room with all the lights and ornaments. Occasionally we may look outside, but let's be honest, our landscape is not at the forefront of our minds. If you are like me,...

Tis the Season for Tree Care

Proper winter tree care guarantees long-term wellbeing for your young, vulnerable saplings. Give your young trees a fighting chance to make it through winter with some basic treatments! The Augusta area isn’t exactly home to inclement weather, and we’re hardly...
When is the Best Time to Trim an Oak Tree?

When is the Best Time to Trim an Oak Tree?

It’s finally fall in the South, and we’re all excited about the change in temps and our favorite seasonal activities. As our thoughts turn to Halloween, football, and pumpkin spice, we can also take care of some much needed preventative maintenance. Whether it’s a...

How to Know When It is Time to Remove a Tree

How to Know When It is Time to Remove a Tree

Trees are invaluable. Besides functioning as giant oxygen factories, they provide shade and comfort - and sometimes sustenance - to generations of animals and people. So removing a tree from your landscape can be a difficult decision. But if a tree poses a risk to...

Fall Forward: A Tree Expert Near You

Fall Forward: A Tree Expert Near You

          With August behind us, we find ourselves anxiously awaiting Fall and the subsequent Holiday Season. Cooler weather, leaves changing, and football rolling it is easy to let your trees and shrubs take a backseat....