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Disease and Insect Management:

Trees and shrubs are living organisms just like you and me. Sometimes they can get sick and have issues that need to be addressed in order to restore the plant back to a healthy state.

Other Services:

Root Care

Root health is of the utmost importance when evaluating the potential for prolonged life in trees of all stages of development.

Soil Preparation

Creating a new planting space for your favorite tree or flower/shrub bed can be intimidating. It is managable, with the right preparation.

Turf Care

There is nothing better than having a weed free, lush, healthy lawn to compliment the investment of your trees and shrubs.

Special Healthcare Programs for Trees and Shrubs

A common misconception is that a diseased or insect infested tree or shrub is a dead tree or shrub. This is not always the case and at Cambium Canopy we can provide treatment options that are affordable and effective so that you can protect your investment that is your home and landscape. Our ground up approach allows us to diagnose the insect or disease properly and recommend effective remedial treatments for a single plant or entire landscape.


Red Maples

Leyland Cypress & Arborvitae

Japanese Maples


Pine Management





Crepe Myrtles



Bradford Pears

And Many More!


Powdery Mildew

Root Rot

Leaf Spots


Borers and Beetles


Whiteflies and Lacebugs

Aphids and Ants


Our Insect and Disease Management Targets Include:

Our treatment and healthcare programs take into account a wide variety of insects. With our specials, we endeavor to improve the health of your trees and shrubbery by eliminating the various insects and diseases that target your plantlife.