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Fall Forward: A Tree Expert Near You

Tree Pruning from a Tree Expert

          With August behind us, we find ourselves anxiously awaiting Fall and the subsequent Holiday Season. Cooler weather, leaves changing, and football rolling it is easy to let your trees and shrubs take a backseat. Especially if your favorite team is making a good run at it. But we do not need to forget what our plants, especially our trees and shrubs, have been though the past 4 months. Now is the time to prepare your plants for next year with a tree expert. Plant Healthcare Programs, implemented now, will make the difference between your landscape falling forward or taking a step back.   

            Finding a tree expert near you is vital to being able to forecast future seasons and making sure you have the proper program in place to withstand unexpected stresses. Cambium Canopy and Turf prides itself in sustainable, effective, species specific programs that you can count on throughout the entirety of the year.

            As we approach the Fall season, we must remember that our plants are in dire need of our attention. Imagine if you had to stand outside for the past 4 months, I bet you would need some attention too! There are a few things to remember when transitioning from Summer to Fall.

Check out what our tree experts want you to know:

  1. Nutrient management is vital this time of year. Plants have used up all their resources just to maintain some sort of normalcy this summer. Cambium Canopy and Turf’s tree experts suggest getting your landscape on an annual or semiannual fertilization program to ensure the resources are available to the plant year around.
  2. Pruning is KEY! Our tree experts want to stress the importance of Fall pruning. Some species can be temperamental during the hot summer months and require a specified pruning window. Options are endless this time of year and we at Cambium Canopy and Turf want to be a part of your next pruning project. You will be in good hands with the tree experts at Cambium Canopy and Turf.
  3. Roots need to breath! All summer long the lifeblood of our plants, roots, have been digging and scouring the ground for water and nutrients. They have been doing all of this while sometimes we walk on them, we drive over them, we even hit them with the lawn mower! Fall is a great time to relieve the soil of some compaction and let the roots of your treasured trees breath. This process has been perfected by our tree experts and they are ready to become your root’s best friend! Call Cambium Canopy and Turf today to discuss the possibilities in your landscape.

We want to help you make a difference in your outdoor living space. Our tree experts are ready to take your garden to the next level.

Fall Forward to Cambium Canopy and Turf because elevating the art of your landscape is our specialty.

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