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Nutrient Management:

At Cambium Canopy we believe that nutrient management and soil health is one of the single most important factors that determines the health of a tree or shrub. We encourage an annual fertilization plan to ensure nutrients are available year after year.

Other Services:

Root Care

Root health is of the utmost importance when evaluating the potential for prolonged life in trees of all stages of development.


We offer specialty pruning for your most valuable plants. Cambium’s craftsmen take their arboricultural knowledge…

Turf Care

There is nothing better than having a weed free, lush, healthy lawn to compliment the investment of your trees and shrubs.

Our Methods of Integrated Nutrition Management:

Soil health is directly related to the tree or shrubs ability to fight off invading pests and disease. Just like us, healthy, well-fed plants do not get sick as easy as malnourished, weak plants.

We believe in the power of a soil analysis to help us determine just what your landscape or individual tree needs in order to thrive in its current environment or recover from previous injury or stress.

Cambium Canopy and Turf offers a variety of services that help integrate a nutrient management plan to keep your plants live longer. 

Injectable Liquid Fertilization

Soil Analysis Sampling

PH Modification and Adjustment

Stress Relief Soil Treatments (For all seasons)

Soil Chemistry Fertility

Nutrient Programs

Aside from single targeted soil applications, we offer add-ons to any signature service programs. Ask about adding Nutrient and Soil Management to your plan today!