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Root Care and Soil Conditioning:

Root dysfunctions can cause a plethora of issues in the landscape. From buried root collars, saturated soil, and compacted area, trees suffer if the foundation isn’t strong. Root health is of the utmost importance when evaluating the potential for prolonged life in trees of all stages of development.

Other Services:

Disease Management

Trees and shrubs are living organisms just like you and me. Sometimes they can get sick and have issues that need to be addressed in order to restore the plant back to a healthy state.

Soil Preparation

Creating a new planting space for your favorite tree or flower/shrub bed can be intimidating. It is managable, with the right preparation.

Nutrient Management

At Cambium Canopy we believe that nutrient management and soil health is one of the single most important factors that determines the health of a tree or shrub.

Root Care Services

Crown dieback, discolored, thinning foliage, and early leaf drop are all signs of root collar or subsurface soil issues that can debilitate the progression of growth and development in a tree or shrub. Cambium Canopy offers full root care and soil conditioning services to help remedy many of the issues we face in the landscape.

These Services Include:

AirSpade Root Collar Excavation

AirSpade Soil Conditioning and Decompaction

Plant and Bed Preparation

Trenching and Root Barriers

Girdling Root Removal

Root remediation for sidewalks and driveways

Root encroachment on foundations or slabs

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