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Soil Preparation:

Creating a new planting space for your favorite tree or flower/shrub bed can be intimidating. It is managable, with the right preparation.

Root Care

Root health is of the utmost importance when evaluating the potential for prolonged life in trees of all stages of development.


We offer specialty pruning for your most valuable plants. Cambium’s craftsmen take their arboricultural knowledge…

Turf Care

There is nothing better than having a weed free, lush, healthy lawn to compliment the investment of your trees and shrubs.

Common Questions:

It may seem intimidating at first, but with the right direction, anyone can have a successful run of it. Some questions you may have include:

  • Am I doing this right?
  • How much water do I give it?
  • Is the hole deep enough?
  • Do I leave the burlap on the ball?
  • How many soil amendments should I add?
  • What do I do with all this clay?

Cambium Canopy and Turf offers soil preparation services to ensure you are setup for success when it comes to planting your new tree, shrub, or flowers.

YES, we will plant them too!