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Tis the Season for Tree Care

Tree Care in the Winter

Proper winter tree care guarantees long-term wellbeing for your young, vulnerable saplings. Give your young trees a fighting chance to make it through winter with some basic treatments! The Augusta area isn’t exactly home to inclement weather, and we’re hardly accustomed to low temperatures or extremes, such as ice storms or excessive snow.

Our plants aren’t used to it, either, which is another reason to remain vigilant and prepare – just in case. And, if you aren’t sure what to do, err on the side of caution and give the certified arborists at Cambium Canopy a call, and they will happily help you.

Caring for Young Trees in an Augusta Winter

Although our climate is fairly temperate, we do still get some severe cold in the Augusta and Aiken region. It is, therefore, essential to make sure the roots are getting enough oxygen, and that they are not saturated with moisture. Mulch is the most common solution – as a precaution, spread 2 to 3 inches of mulch around the sapling’s trunk. This helps slow down any absorption of moisture by the soil, maintains a steady soil temperature, and protects the young roots from frost and other extreme conditions.

Prune for Basic Tree Treatments

The coldest time of the year is the most ideal time to prune your trees. You can safely remove dead, dying, damaged, diseased branches and encourage robust regrowth. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with trimming trees, or don’t have the right tools, please consult a professional! The certified arborists at Cambium Canopy know exactly what to do – contact us for more information.

Wrapping more than Gifts this Winter

Most saplings are going to be okay during the majority of the year in the South. In fact, most trees survive just fine in temperatures of 35 and above, which is the average winter temperature for the Augusta area.

Below that, however, and your trees could really do with some protection. Especially during their first few years, your trees will have fewer health issues and produce more fruit/flowers if they are wrapped, or covered. Drape protective material over the young trees. Make sure the material reaches the ground, and is staked down to trap heat. Breathable mesh or burlap allows moisture to ventilate properly, and adapts well to stakes and support sticks.

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