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Turf Care:

There is nothing better than having a weed-free, lush, and healthy lawn to compliment the investment of your trees and shrubs.

Other Services:


We offer specialty pruning for your most valuable plants. Cambium’s craftsmen take their arboricultural knowledge and apply it to real world situations to achieve the desired product or outcome.

Nutrient Management

At Cambium Canopy we believe that nutrient management and soil health is one of the single most important factors that determines the health of a tree or shrub.
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Disease Management

Trees and shrubs are living organisms just like you and me. Sometimes they can get sick and have issues that need to be addressed in order to restore the plant back to a healthy state.

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Lawn Care Programs

  • Our programs consist of a 7-visit plan that focuses on preventing the problem rather than reacting to a problem. These visits include pre & post emergent treatments as well as seasonal fertilization and lime applications, if needed.
  • Soil samples will be analyzed to determine the best program for your lawn.
  • We provide services for all grass types and pride ourselves on the effective quality our recommendations bring.
For a more inclusive program guide including pricing and descriptions, please give us a call to schedule a property inspection today!