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When is the Best Time to Trim an Oak Tree?

It’s finally fall in the South, and we’re all excited about the change in temps and our favorite seasonal activities. As our thoughts turn to Halloween, football, and pumpkin spice, we can also take care of some much needed preventative maintenance.

Whether it’s a community in Evans, Grovetown or Augusta, only a few types of trees are common in the CSRA’s neighborhoods. Oak is one of them. Oak (Quercus) is a tall tree species that grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 10, depending on the variety. 

Trimming an oak tree at the right time can help address damage and breakage, and reinvigorate the tree.

Oak trees are large and sturdy, and rarely do they need any significant maintenance. But, when trimming an oak tree is a necessity, it’s actually best to wait until the weather is cooler in order to avoid damage to the oak tree.

Winter is the Time for Preventative Maintenance

Augusta is best known for its spring foliage, but spring is actually the worst time to trim an oak tree. Key to successful trimming is patiently waiting for the cold weather – in Augusta that can mean late in the year. Cold weather is not guaranteed to arrive, so it’s best to wait until at least mid-November, if possible.

When Pruning out of Season

If the oak tree must be pruned in spring or summer because of damage that needs to be addressed, it is advisable to get the help of a professional. Especially when pruning large trees. Oak trees can reach such a height that you may find conditions to be unsafe when pruning high branches. Consult a professional arborist to remove branches you are unable to reach. And, never place a ladder on uneven ground to attempt to reach high branches.

Augusta residents, are your oak trees in need of pruning? Go out on a limb and contact Cambium Canopy today – we’re here to help you care for you plants from root to stem!

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